Regularly Scheduled Life (Ohio Books, #1) - K.A. Mitchell Wow, I really enjoyed this one. It felt like we get to start on a pretty high peak at the beginning of this story, and we get to stay there for awhile, even after certain events take place.But then descent happens, slowly, making it more painful as it goes along. We get momentary breaks, a hope of will this be the time that it finally gets better? Nope.Kyle and Sean are written so well. I don't even want to call it banter, it's better than that some of the exchanges they have. They know each other so well that it's hard for them to not only notice but fall into well known places and feelings, before they catch themselves and remember why they are angry, scared or hurt. It makes sense some of the reactions they had to events, conversations, and themselves, despite knowing each other so well. I think when you do know someone so well, you're kind of lulled into thinking you know exactly what they may think or feel about something, no matter the situation. That is a good thing in some ways, but when you're dealing with your first huge obstacle in your relationship, it can be a hindrance. This is clearly evidenced by these two.You can feel the frustration, not just theirs but of their friends. There was definite anxiety in reading this but not in that annoying, angsty kind of way. There is humor, introspection and of course, great sex.I happened to read [b:Not Knowing Jack|9850284|Not Knowing Jack (Ohio Books, #2)|K.A. Mitchell||14445738] first, so it was fun to get more flavor about those two, especially Tony.I definitely recommend this one. And once you've taken a deep breath and had a comforting cup of tea, try Jack and Tony's story next ;)