Point of No Return (Turning Point #1) - N.R. Walker 3.5 Stars - I wish we could give half stars. Not a new wish, I know ;)There are some very good things about this book. The author definitely has talent for describing the settings and giving all of the characters emotional reality, their own places to be grounded, and with great expediency. The mix of people, their backgrounds and personalities, made each part of the story relatable. The two main characters, Matt and Kira, do form a fast connection but that also makes sense in the way it's built. Most of us have probably had at least one experience of feeling that instant connection with someone, whether a friend or something more. Some of the best conversations and exposition happen with Kira's parents and Matt's fellow cops. The last third of the book is rather emotional and where the author definitely hits their stride. Interestingly, it's also about the time when it feels like we're not riding along on a bullet train through the lives of these characters. More time is spent on dealing with the things happening to them and how they are all dealing with their feelings about them.You do feel the heat between Matt and Kira, as well as their shared uncertainties and the usual worries, especially in a new relationship. The sex scenes are hot but short. This fits into the way the entire book feels and reads. I got through this read rather quickly (just in case the other speed references weren't a clue LOL), at least it felt that way. I'm not so sure that I read any faster than normal but the action, the passage of time, almost made me feel like I was chasing it all the way through. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I think some things may have been missed or glossed over or simply dealt with in a short shrift fashion. The author may have done themselves a disservice in that sense. It feels like the surface was merely skimmed and so much more could have been explored and expanded and it would not have hurt the flow. Instead, it may have made for an even greater story and reading experience.If you're looking for some well drawn characters in a shorter story, with some heat here and there, and a really good finish, then I definitely recommend this one. I would probably read something by this author again.