Cold - Brandon Shire It may seem a little odd to begin a review by speaking to the end of this read but I'm going to do just that *slight spoiler ahead*...There may not be a happy ending in the traditional sense but there is in this way: sometimes there are people we meet in our lives that are meant to be in it for just a short amount of time, we have our intended and shared impacts, both of us then continuing on our own paths. We both benefit and never forget. This is how I feel about this book in what these two men experience.Given the location and circumstances for this story, every encounter, flash of violence and moment of joy are amplified, which of course fits. Two people, incredibly different in nearly every way, find themselves in the same place at the same time, feeling the same intense things.It feels cheesy to say but in the world of this story, the stars must have aligned - all of those thousands of little things, decisions made, to lead to their fantastically explosive collision that begins nearly silently.It takes a talented writer to make us feel compassion towards these two main characters, to almost feel a sweetness about them. Crazy! They're in prison, one for the most serious of crimes, and yet we can easily see the love that crackles between them. Yes, I would say it's love.I feel myself continuing to type because it feels like there are so many good things to say about this story but it's difficult to categorize with description on some level, which makes me like it even more.