Chasing Smoke - K.A. Mitchell I think I have to say that K. A. Mitchell did it again for me. Trey and Danny -he tries to say he prefers 'Daniel' but there is something about the way Trey says 'Danny' that is irresistable and even as the reader it's unmistakable- knew each other as teenagers. They fumbled around, including with each other, and their lives separated suddenly, no closure, and were left with just the mutual hurt and assumptions, magnified through the exaggerated lens of a teenager. Fifteen years later and they are thrown together on a case, well cases, involving both of their families and many bad decisions and injustices. They struggle back and forth, one of them pulling while the other pushes. There is clearly an incredible connection here evidenced both by the fantastically delicious heat between them and their long held knowledge of each other. Or so they think when it comes to some things. People don't change in some ways,but in others, they definitely do. They both suffer from trying to work with each other, like each other, and maybe even love each other by interpreting words and actions through the prism of the past instead of through what is right in front of their faces. I think most people can relate to that. I really liked how they were both written, their banter and interactions, or lack thereof, and the sex is pretty hot, and highly emotional at times. This is a keeper and I definitely recommend it.