Fair Game - Josh Lanyon I’ve now read several of Josh Lanyon’s books but Fair Game was the first and is one of my favorites.From the main character and spreading out, all are well drawn with their own traits, attitudes and way of talking. Elliot and his father, the way they interact and know each other so well in some ways and barely at all in others – I think most people can relate to that in various relationships we all have.Elliot and his students and colleagues, the janitor (mmm hmmm) and of course, Tucker.I say of course and… of course, you’ll understand once you read this book.*Slight Spoilers in regards to settings and character bits*The story opens on a college campus, bringing with it all of the things we love and find annoying about such a great place, full of experiences, memories, familiar frustrations and celebrations.All of the settings – the college, the mother’s house, the cottage, and the lake (mmm hmmm) – are very well described, from layout, colors, atmosphere and scent. I love when you can so easily imagine the physical surroundings. To me, this always makes the conversations, the encounters crackle and spark that much more, upping the intensity, emotion and anxiety. Mix these in with naturally flowing dialogue, natural actions and reactions and you have an excellent read.Back to that lake, that is one of my favorite scenes in the book. **stop reading here if you don’t want even a bit of a spoiler** It tells us a lot in a very short amount of time set against the backdrop of one of the more tension ridden happenings. The danger level is upped, we’re asking more questions about why and who, and we get the clearest picture yet of how things were and are between Elliot and Tucker. So well done.I would highly recommend this as the first of Josh’s books to read if you are looking for the place to start. But be forewarned, this won’t be your last. He does such an excellent job of presenting every important part of a good story in very real and relatable ways, nothing seems forced or fake. I would say take a chance but it’s not even a question: it is well worth it. Enjoy!!!