All She Wrote - Josh Lanyon Josh Lanyon can write. I know, what a shocker, eh? *wink* Not in a flowery, grand flourish kind of way. Instead, he has truly a great ease with words and you glide right along with him as you read. I’m not a huge mystery fan, and for that reason this wasn’t one of my favorites of his, but it was a highly enjoyable read. I liked this one better than the first volume of this series, which is why this one gets a 4 rating – I rated the first a 3. I think the mystery was better, we got to important character points quicker and with more detail, and there was more meat in regards to the relationship between Christopher (Kit) and J.X. Christopher is both very self-aware and at the same time, completely blind to some truths about himself, as well as those around him. This makes for a very interesting main character and narrator. There is humor and honesty, which contrast nicely with the gentle twistiness of the story and other characters as we get bounced around from one to the other – who is or who are the culprits? The continual redirection of the mystery is the very thing that helps the relationship, the communication (dare we say? I think that’s what Christopher would say to himself, not yet to J.X) grow between Kit and J.X. Whether they are going back and forth about what to do, who did what, why did that happen, or they are finding themselves in brave moments of reveal, it all seems to work and move the story forward. I really did enjoy reading this one and it leans more towards the memorable side than not. If, while I’m at work, I find myself thinking of the book I’m currently reading and want to know what’s going to happen next, that’s a good sign. At the end, I found myself wanting to say, ‘Wait, what happens next?’ – another good sign. As much as this may not have been my ideal cup of tea, I do still recommend it. You can read it as a stand-alone, I feel. Go ahead and add this to your read pile and you won’t be disappointed.And if you’re looking to add to your Josh Lanyon pile in particular, I definitely recommend the Dangerous Ground Series that starts with [b:Dangerous Ground|3953718|Dangerous Ground (Dangerous Ground, #1)|Josh Lanyon||3999394], there is always[b:Fair Game|8531376|Fair Game|Josh Lanyon||13398550] and I loved [b:Snowball in Hell|2390327|Snowball in Hell (Doyle and Spain, #1)|Josh Lanyon||19427756].