Special Forces - Veterans (Special Forces, #3) - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan VeteransThis MAY be my favorite part of this serious and seriously fantabulous series, the final installment – You’re given so much yet you’re made to feel like you’re speedily flying along as you wind your way through the lives laid out within these pages. As is obvious in the preceding volumes, the research must have been significant: from locations and their street level details, medical happenings, cultural expositions and the historical contexts for them all. Most evident, though, is the emotional “research” that has been done, also yet again. There is clearly healthy contact with personal emotions and those of others in the descriptions of the sadness, joy, surprise, anger and celebration that all take place. The triumphs, utter failures and then soaring right back to success are all rooted in understandable reactions and responses to extraordinary events: torture, trust, betrayal (seeming) and love. I find myself accepting it all – who am I to judge someone’s interpretations and assumptions? They all lead to incredibly fulfilling places.This goes for both Dan and Vadim, as well as all of the other characters brought to life in such economic detail. They all seem to fit, the various relationships they all have with each other feel very real and relatable. I would be most interested in a blown open experience of that of Hooch and Matt – what a story theirs must be beyond what we’re given here and in the whole series since their introduction.The settings and time spent in them are less militaristic at this point in the lives of Dan and Vadim and those in their group of family and friends. More events, conversations and encounters occur in their homes and the homes of others, offices and hotels shared. This naturally changes the tone in some ways when compared to the other books, but more than retains the hefty flavor, nay the gut busting meal of gargantuan life, that I love about this style of writing and the world in which it thoroughly envelops these characters. I almost want to call them people, they aren’t “just” characters, but people that could (and surely do) exist here in the real deal.It would be extremely difficult to choose a favorite scene but one of the first that comes to mind is the camping… that’s all I shall say.I will without doubt be rereading all of the volumes in this series – what a visual series this would make! More than on par with something of the same scope as Band of Brothers and Game of Thrones mashed together, there is no denying it. Maybe some day, someone or some group will be brave enough and have enough dough to make that a reality for us. Though, like in most cases, the book is definitely better than the movie ;)