The Final Line - Kendall McKenna To start, I know some people don’t like flashbacks but they really work here. They don’t overpower or seem disjointed. One minute Corey is in the middle of a stressful situation or in a dream, and the next, we’re suddenly back to the incident that is the catalyst for his panic attacks and the reason why he calculates where he sits in a room, making sure his exit is clear and quickly accessible. The momentary confusion felt as my brain tried to catch up during the switch makes it even easier to feel the connection to Corey’s incredible confusion about what happened then and what is going on inside him now. Sometimes the mind and body are in synch, sometimes they are not. And even when they don’t appear to be on the same page, the body knows exactly where the mind is treading even if the mind itself does not. Through most of the story, this is the frustrating limbo where Corey resides. It makes it of course difficult for him to absorb relatively normal conversations and situations, not to mention the attraction he finds himself unable to resist when it comes to Sean. The doubts and worries abound. The heat level between Corey and Sean, the actor and singer/songwriter whom Corey meets and feels that nearly immediate spark with, is scrumptious. Their encounters are flavored with need, gentleness, misunderstanding and major satisfaction. None of them are repetitive for the most part and I reread a couple of them simply because the turn-on factor kept my brain cells from remembering the words they were supposed to have just recorded. Sean is good for Corey and vice versa. It’s not a surprise that Sean sees this much sooner than Corey and is more at ease with the entire thing. A slight spoiler this does take place after the repeal of DADT, so it lends itself to some newer realities within the military setting and they are well done – watch for the handkerchief bit towards the end, love it when it comes to the military setting, especially when in present day at the training grounds and surrounding locations used. My one gripe, though it is minor, is that Sean’s reactions to some of Corey’s questions, self-doubt, assumptions and fear of hurting Sean (which means he of course tries to withdraw and beat him to the punch) feel a bit overblown, especially in the beginning. He feels a bit overly impatient or gets exasperated quickly. I think the author was trying to convey that Sean wasn’t going to give up on Corey that easily, and that he was working hard to understand the position of incredible stress and one unique to those who serve in combat. However, it almost accomplished the opposite of that as I also felt Corey’s uncertainty at some point when it came to Sean and that maybe he would leave Corey, given all he is trying to work through, including the investigations into the incident. I think the main reason it comes off this way is because we don’t get much background or conversations involving Sean away from Corey, so we don’t have too much to go on when interpreting the basis of his reactions. However, Sean is well implemented in helping Corey make progress in dealing with the PTS, and is definitely a LARGE help (I can’t resist!) in allowing Corey to both share and permit Sean to share with him their incredibly hot chemistry and blazing sex, along with the thoughtful and sensual gestures between them. I love Corey’s story. Kendall McKenna has definitely become an author I will continue to read and enjoy anticipating new works.