Skybound - Aleksandr Voinov What the -… I mean -… How could - … Ok, please excuse me a moment while I collect myself and my scattered thoughts, they are auditioning to be jumping beans on a trampoline *ahem* Now then…I will try to refrain from using crutches like “masterful” and “heart-thrashing”, oh, and just plain ole “lovely” – you know, shit like that.This is a blend of surrealism and reality worthy of the best Aran weave makers out there. Felix is surrealism as it lives inside our hearts and brains (especially when someone reciprocates), and Baldur is reality when seemingly crushed by perceived impending doom. Then, watch out! They swap aviators and Felix is the one who feels like he’s slipping into the vice of certain darkness forever, and Baldur is the one who pedals them towards possibly more than they could have imagined or willed for themselves: SKYBOUND.I honestly can’t remember if I’ve ever come thisclose to actually gasping out loud when I’ve simply rolled over the title of a story so well implemented in a sentence like this, nearly dumping me out of my proverbial hammock: the turning point in the story, the characters, and an unexpected exit from the round-a-bout that didn’t even exist, that is, until one of them decided it sure as fuck did and he was going to take it, for both of them. Fighting for the right to life and joy.I’m not one who needs a perfect ending or at least the permission to imagine my own scenarios of happiness when I get to the end of a great story. But somehow, with this one, we’re left with the very delectably tempting chance to imagine… maybe… just maybe there are walks and brunches and cinemas on the menu for their days ahead, and sweaty, fulfilling nights as the more than well-earned reward for surviving it all. Simply put, this parachutes you into a head space that is fucking brilliant.Damn, who left that crutch there…Yeah, yeah, writing this review was almost as fun as reading this story. ;)