If It Flies (A Market Garden Tale)

If It Flies - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt This time we open with Spencer and Percy (the Brit scale at 100 with the names ;) ), colleagues and somewhat barely mates, and then enter: Nick. Yes, we get Nick's story here. Get ready. I mean it. Your brain is tricked into thinking you're reading a slow burn but no word is wasted - it doesn't take paragraphs or even sentences to shove you there, just a word, each word, and you're almost holding your breath, just like Spencer, as Nick does his thing... these things."It was quickly becoming apparent there wasn't a thing Nick did that he couldn't make sexy. Not overtly sexual, but sexy. Right down to the way his hand was arranged on the glass, like it was deliberate, even artful, every finger placed just so to make the simple gesture of picking up a drink look... elegant?"It's difficult to find adequate words to describe the simple truth of a passage like this. I've experienced the same, noticing how a man's hand wraps around a pen or puts on a glove. Another reason I love this writing style, I can relate to the situations and feelings, simply.And this is only the first time of several that your heart may skip a beat as a result of the interactions of these two. Yes, there are multiple. Read into that what you will. Most awesomely, it doesn't feel strange at all to be describing this even though a high priced pros club is the place where it all begins and partially resides.I find it challenging as I'm trying not to overstate things, but you know when something creatively punches you in the gut in that incredibly satisfying way. These two were meant to write.Balls-to-the-wall bonus: if you're a writer, looking for a spark, read something by these two and something may flip your imagination to whatever story you may be pondering.