King Perry

King Perry - Edmond Manning I have never ever, ever, ever before found myself needing to – no, WANTING to, wanting – to use the highlight and note taking functions on my kindle as I experienced this gorgeous, silly, throat clenching, honest ride.There are people that are in our lives for a very long time and there are those that are destined to be in them for a finite period, the length of that shared life never a determining factor in their importance. I have one from more than 15 yrs ago on which I still allow my brain to wander across now and then, always smiling, if a bit wistfully, on the conversations and snacks we shared sitting atop those plastic bins, filled with cans of hairspray, cigars and toothpaste, waiting patiently to be placed on the shelves in anticipation of their new homes. They were the only witnesses to our talks of music, work, school... and more.These two men, Vin and Perry, they are both king makers, make no mistake about that. Perry may be the intended target, but everything is shared here, everything reciprocal. As much as Vin teaches Perry, as much as Vin builds those internal connections for Perry, as much as Vin helps Perry realize he still has a fully functioning door to his heart, Perry does all of the same for Vin. Lost and Found all around.The planning is exquisite and extensive (would Vin appreciate that word combo?) and no matter how much I tried, my own recognition would flicker to life mere moments before Vin would show us the way, preparing us for when Perry himself finally arrived at the appointed hour.I’m finding it very difficult to refrain from spilling out some of my own favorite lines, or even words. I don’t want to give too much away, I don’t want to risk for anyone a lessened trip for the meals, sea life, blankets and film.It may sound like a total cliché, these promises, but you will laugh, crease your brow, catch the dry lump in your throat, wanting to toss it aside. You will see yourself, see those you love, those who knew and those who didn’t, or at least, you may think they didn’t… but they did.We are so fucking lucky to be the one mammal that is able to write and read with such will, such force of will, and bring about ceaseless attempts at finding, understanding and accepting love.None of this even comes close to worthy reaction but I wanted to get something down immediately… felt that same want.Meanwhile, all I really want to do is wave my arms in the air, fingers flailing, and scream woohoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!