Capture & Surrender (Market Garden 5)

Capture & Surrender - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov So, here we are getting to see life through Frank’s eyes, through Frank’s heart, and yes, through Frank’s dick. The first time in this story when Frank is alone in his office (Ch. 2) is so… human, and hot, sweet, needy and honest. Some of the story takes place at Market Garden, but since Frank is the boss, the tone of the scenes is different than in the previous entries in this series. This isn’t the only thing that sets this particular story on a different path that the others. Additionally, there is something definitely going on with Raoul, but more on him later. Frank is dealing with a lot of changes in his life at the same time, but I’m not sure he even realizes that in the big picture kind of way. Like a lot of us, sometimes things or ideas just sort of happen, you react to each one and it can take some work and struggle before the light bulb goes off. Some of his friends, or at least those he sometimes hangs out with, seem to be changing, and not all for the better, as information is revealed. Raoul partially fits into this category, but we are given so little in regards to his motivations, it’s hard to tell yet. (Is his story to come at some point? ;) )And on the flip side, some of his friendships gain even more solid footing, which may be the secret ingredient when it comes to trying something he hasn’t in a long time: a relationship. This is where Stefan (or…. ;) ) comes in. Stefan is younger than Frank but he’s been through some very serious experiences himself, and all of this means he knows what he wants when he sees it. Or in this case, when he sees him, as in Frank. These two main characters, the friends and all of the others are drawn well, as is the usual with these two authors. Some other reviewers had described what they felt are contradictions in some of the characters’ actions. They clearly are, at a minimum, due their own opinion, but I see these deeds differently. In the regimens we all have in our lives, or in those of ones we love, especially those more serious in nature, there have been moments of simply wanting to say “fuck it”. To chuck it all aside just once, to try and feel like our lives are something different than they are, to change the reality, even for just a minute. One thought, one toss, one sip. Most of this story occurs either at the paint ball field, Frank’s house or Frank’s car. Our treats are like icing on the cake in the nibbles we get of Market Garden, and each one of those packs a sweet punch. How’s that for overextending a metaphor? ;) I do apologize for some of the rather vague descriptions but I don’t want to give anything away, if possible. I loved this story. I loved the way it veered in a different direction than its predecessors, giving us yet another flavor to enjoy, while maintaining the same levels of heat and humanity. Such a long way we’ve come with these characters and this world, and yet there are still so many more possibilities to explore. *** slight spoiler*** I mean, what will happen if Frank does relocate? If he does expand, both the space and the scope of the offerings? What will Stefan do? What will Raoul do??***spoiler over*** Read it. Love it. I did and it’s on the to-read-again list now.