The Condor

The Condor - Isa K. This author is a good communicator. And to be a good communicator, you must be a good listener. I have these visions of her stopping, sitting in silence, waiting to allow things in, from others or her own self, for life's truths, fuck ups, 'duh' moments and smiles to wash over her and flow out from her fingertips to the page. From the opening sentence of this book, she had me in a verbal headlock and I knew I wasn't getting released until I read every word. I want mid-afternoon pick-me-ups like those! Oh, you know the ones I mean. Ok, now you've got "Afernoon Delight" by the Starland Vocal Band jogging through your mind and it won't leave. Earworm! Earworm! One of my early favorite lines from Harry, imagining what someone else is assuming he's thinking as if "... I need to feel like a special fucking snowflake" tells us a lot a out him, about how he thinks, his multifaceted nature. It does all come into play. I was not easily able to determine where things were going or would end up and I love that. One of the few things that I was able to predict was the truth surrounding the first encounter with Logan - I did see that coming before Harry realized it. This was pretty much the only time in regards to the major events and reveals. I almost think this was maybe done on purpose given the role Logan would play in Harry's life. One small thing to give us as readers to tether Logan in Harry's story and make us curious about him, to remain interested. Believe me, there is interest. Now Harry, talk about a fully painted picture of a character. Not a portrait but a full blown landscape. He's confident about work and people, how he can read them. But then, he has real doubts about the same and their feelings towards him. I think this explains his inability to have seen Danny's true feelings about him specifically much earlier on. I was like Harry and I didn't think it was that... deep. The clues were there but I, as the reader, and Harry as the man brushed them aside as something else. That or it was just denial. Perfect example: Danny to Harry when Harry picks up him from Danny's first long appointment with someone, "I'm all fucked out," and he and Harry sort of cuddle up together. In all honesty, very sweet and yes, honest. First fave mention: Irish whiskey!!! I pretend in my mind that it's Bushmills. ;) I won't talk much of Liam. Yes, he's definitely important, but given the state of their relationship, he and Harry, as the story opens, it's used as a catalyst for many things. It's not necessarily a front burner part of the story, in a sense. The one thing I'll say is that the dominoes of deception kept lining up and I could feel the cascade of lies as being a word away from starting the noisy, if orderly, clickity click of destruction. Luckily, all will get out alive, for the most part. The dom/sub scenes between Harry and Logan are hot, like the metronome scene, holy shiznoly but they are spiced with uncertainty, hesitation and, dare I say, fledgeling connection, dangerously bordering on cautious acceptance. We do get insights and forward momentum in all of them, the few that there are. Must. Use. Phrase. "blah, blah, blahity, blah" And you know you'll use it, too!! ;) Second fave mention: a way Harry uses to describe his own reaction to something is "When Luke and Laura finally drifted apart on General Hospital, I cried for a week." HA! I won't spoiler tag this line so that I can show the quality of writing, and it's intriguing, to boot: this is from Harry - Danny's not my sunshine on my rainy day, but his storm cloud crackling provides much better ambiance.Do I need to sigh to really tell you? Just as life keeps us guessing, so too did this story. I really didn't know, couldn't foretell, what would happen (or not) between Harry and all of Danny, Logan and Liam. Well, Liam somewhat. That was pretty serious secrecy, what he did. And getting back to Harry and Danny for a moment, there must be something there between them. Why else the strong reactions? Cut-to-the-quick relief, hurt, hope, fear, desire and doubt. All so strong. You never know who you may find, or who finds you, who you may end up spending your days and nights with. It feels like the author reached inside a part of me and laid out my story in the sense of emotions, connections and experiences that we've probably all encountered at some point. And it was all done within a story about a rentboy service. It feels like you're not reading but rather hearing Harry's complex inner voice first hand - complex like most of ours. That may seem obvious given the first person POV, but it's more than that. The knowledge level of the character the author has created here is off the charts. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone. Anyone. ANYONE. Bonus: after you're done licking your chops clean on this one, go and read the little freebie [b:Tinsel Is Like Bondage For Trees|16111312|Tinsel Is Like Bondage For Trees (Condor #1.5)|Isa K.||21926782] , you will salivate all over again. MWAH!